VERAPTUS® Diagnostic Aptamers

Defeating cancer requires early detection. Yet, current methods for diagnostics rely on symptoms and detection of tumor masses that are typically only detectable in later stages of progression. We aim at employing VERAPTUS® diagnostic aptamers to detect cancer when symptoms of the cancer are non-apparent with traditional techniques.

microRNA (miRNA) expression levels provide doctors with evidence-based detection for early-stage cancers, giving the patient a much greater chance for full recovery. miRNAs are short strands of RNA, typically 18-24 nucleotides in length, that are identified in almost every species. These non-coding RNAs were originally dismissed as relatively unimportant. Yet, miRNAs play a key role in regulating genetic expression. The compounded effects of miRNAs can have a substantial impact on one's health.

miRNA expression can be conveniently monitored. Most regions for miRNA are conserved. Yet, in disease states such as cancer, miRNA expression levels can be altered. Measuring a panel of targeted miRNAs gives a "footprint" of one's disease state, allowing for detection to be made much closer to the origin.

VERAPTUS® miRNA expression monitoring is employed for early detection of prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

Please see the VERAPTUS® Customized Aptamer Ordering Form to order your nucleic acid aptamers for medical diagnostic use.

NOTE: All VERAPTUS® aptamers can be modified with primary amine, biotin, or fluorophore groups upon request. For custom modifications specific for your research or more details about how VERAPTUS® aptamers can be utilized in your research, please correspond with our team via email at